Just Nature?

Opposing neo-colonial conservation practice

November 07, 2022 Carola Rackete Season 1 Episode 2
Just Nature?
Opposing neo-colonial conservation practice
Show Notes

In this episode we focus on land grabs and dispossession by the conservation sector in the present day and hear how local people and those from far away confront this injustice. 

Our first guest is Yannick Ndoinyo, a Maasai community leader from Tanzania, who is also a conservation biologist. He speaks about the current threat of land dispossession in the areas of Loliondo and Ngorongoro which affects 150.000 Maasai. 

Next, we will learn how a group of young people based in the UK built a solidarity campaign from afar to support Indigenous communities against land grabs and human rights abuses, particularly by WWF. This interview will focus on building trust and creating a strong solidarity campaign. 

Yannick Ndoinyo



Maria Elena (WTFWWF)


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