Just Nature?

Indigenous autonomy and landscape stewardship

November 21, 2022 Carola Rackete
Just Nature?
Indigenous autonomy and landscape stewardship
Show Notes

In this episode we speak about Indigenous land governance and autonomy in contrast to expansion of the nation state and international corporations. Our first guest Dr. Jessica Hernandez just published her book 'fresh banana leaves' and talks about recognising Indigenous ecological knowledge and about living in the U.S. As a displaced member of an Indigenous community. Biodiversity is effectively protected by self-governance of Indigenous communities who prevent involvement of international corporations and capitalist business expansion. In Southern Mexico the project of the Mayan train threatens the autonomy of Indigenous communities and links local and global resistance. Victor from the Ya Basta Network explains why this train project is so problematic and what international activists can do in support of Mayan communities.


Dr. Jessica Hernandez

Maya Ch’orti’ & Binnizá - Indigenous Scientist 




Ya Basta Network


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